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Technical terms

Explanations of technical terms and phrases used thoroughout our site. Currently there are 3 entries.


2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack connectors

Jack connectors come in three sizes (2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.3mm) and are available in both MONO & STEREO versions

2.5mm & 3.5mm jack connectors

These are both smaller versions of their big 6.3mm brother and are most often used as audio connectors for personal audio equipment.

6.3mm jack connectors

There are two versions of this connector in common use, MONO & STEREO. The stereo plug is used for balanced operation and wired as follows:

  • TIP - Signal +

  • RING - Signal -

  • SLEEVE - Screen

For unbalanced operation the RING & SLEEVE should be joined.
The MONO version can only be wired unbalanced as follows :

  • TIP - Signal +

  • SLEEVE - Screen

RCA phono connectors

A popular audio connector used on auxiliary inputs & booster in/out connections, also commonly used on mixers, CD & tape players. They are wired using single core screened cable.

XLR connectors

These are the industry standard microphone connectors, robust and relatively simple to install. There are a number of ways in which they can be wired.

(i) BALANCED operation

  • Pin 1 connects to screen (Signal earth)

  • Pin 2 connects to signal + (Live)

  • Pin 3 connects to signal - (Return)

(ii) UNBALANCED operation

  • Pins 1 & 3 connect to the screen of the cable

  • Pin 2 connects to signal conductor

The PIN numbers are identified on the XLR plug and an easy way to remember how they should be wired is:

  • X = Earth (Pin 1)

  • L = Live (Pin 2)

  • R = Return (Pin 3)

An unbalanced microphone can only be used up to a maximum of 10 meters away from the amplifier. Any more than this and noise problems become apparent. A balanced microphone will allow cable runs of up to 100m without any loss of performance. .For unbalanced operation, a single core screened microphone cable can be used, but for a balanced line a twin core screened cable is required.