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LA-2 introduction
• LA-2 is designed as a 2-way system ,mainly for middle distant among VR series. It is with one 12 inch LF driver , two 1.7 inch HF driver and a fixed LF horn.LA-2 features is High power and efficient. The Low-Mid driver is dealed with Magnetic Circuit Finite Element so that it can reduce the distortion caused by Magnetic Circuit.The voice coil is made of KAPTON,which is heatproof material. The tempreture can reach to 220OC. It can be increase the peak of drivers with it. The HF driver is using NEO material,and dealed with Magnetic Circuit Finite Element,too. It can reduce the distortion with coppery ring in driver. The HF driver is high efficiency and powerful with Titanium diaphragm. The speaker is designed for Middle throw. It is a good idea speaker for complete sound system in Middle distant throw. • It is designed with low loss of crossover .It can deal excellently with frequency and impedance, etc .Meanwhile ,with the precision RC constant and inductance, it can manage to reduce the distortion and loss . • LA Active Series are with high quality class H amplifier. This kind of amplifier is with self-protection and self-testing function. It can work steadily in all situations.
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